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Our Best selling loose leaf tea.

Warmth comes in a variety of shades and seasons, insinuating itself first in the intensely autumnal sight of this spiced black tea - Hot Cinnamon Spice tea. One can't help but picture a fire when confronted with the site of ember-like citrus chips atop a crisp smolder of black tea. It's the perfect blend to let heat tease out the lung-opening flavors, letting the tang spark your palette while the generous cinnamon bark adds heat. All that's missing is a fireside chair and your favorite novel. Order some now, you know you love this tea.

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This loose leaf tea has depth, flavor and an aroma that adds edge to the idea of “cozy”, unable to be missed, even by the attentions of the most devoted coffee drinker. Hot cinnamon spice tea warms in stages, realizing that simple steam and weight do not a heated evening make. Rather it's the initial zest that quickly peels back to allow for the clove-clouded black central tones to take control. Long burning flavors from the cloves ensure that the warmth will last.

The appearance of all good loose tea matches the promised sensation. Hot Cinnamon Spice has a distinct look with bright citrus pieces and fire-curled cinnamon bark nestled among the robust black of tea leaves and cloves. An unforgettable loose leaf tea and a perennial holiday gift favorite; it's best to stock up.

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Read the terrific reviews about this Hot Cinnamon Spice tea our best loose leaf tea.

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The most delicious tea I have ever had

This tea is fabulous! I love it iced using the tea maker I bought at the shop. Can't believe there is no sugar in it. Finally breaking my Diet Coke habit. Can't get enough!

We are thrilled that you are breaking the diet soda habit and discovering that our Mist Iced Tea Pitcher easily produces great sugar free alternatives. Sip on~ Susan
Very yummy!

The flavoring is strong, so use a little less tea. It is dee - li - shi - us!!

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Thank you for your spot-on review. Hot Cinnamon Spice is our #1 most popular tea and we hope it remains your favorite for a long time to come.
Cinnamon tea

This Spicy Cinnamon Tea is so good! I was real skeptical but love cinnamon so took a chance and it is so good! It isn't over powering and yet it is red hot Cinnamon tasting! I'm new to whole leaf tea drinking and still looking for my suppliers and there is no way around it... I will be buying lots more of this tea. Like I'm gonna go get a pound of it right now. You gotta try it if you love spicy Cinnamon. ( Like the red hot candies)

Thank you Tom for your observations and review. We hope to become your 'go to' provider of Hot Cinnamon Spice and other tasty teas!
Ringing in the New Year with Thanksgiving!

Ringing in the New Year with this delectable Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea and giving thanks to my Heavenly Father for this pleasure! Love it to the moon and back! It is like a warm hug! This is my first order of several teas that arrived today. Trying this one first. It is so amazing I am wondering if the others will even compare. Is it possible?! Wow! Thank you for the company that you are showing yourself to be taking pride in every aspect of my order, from the quality tea, to the perfectly selected samples, to the attractive packaging, to the handwritten note, and to the super quick shipping. All shows that you care, which is a rare quality. . .but it so appreciated! What a treat to receive! Cheers!!!

What a delightful review! We do try to make your selecting, purchasing, steeping and enjoying our teas top priorities. We look forward to providing more to you in the future.
Definitely lives up to the hype!

I have few regrets in life. One of them is not trying this tea sooner. Even though I knew this was Good Life Tea's best selling tea, I stubbornly refused to believe that anything could be superior to my beloved Heaven Sent Chai. So, year after year, I avoided this tea, mostly on the baseless assumption that it would taste like other hot cinnamon spice teas I have had (which are good, but not amazing). Then, a few months ago, I decided to cave and try this tea. Wow am I glad I did! It is the perfect balance of slightly spicy, slightly sweet cinnamon and rich, malty black tea. The description above really does a good job of capturing the essence of this tea, which just exudes warmth and coziness. I think I may have found my new favorite tea, too! Please forgive my transgression for ever doubting the quality of this tea!

What a wonderful and perceptive review! We've got about 120 teas in our inventory and would love to introduce you to a few more. An open mind is a fabulous thing. Thank you so much!!