Florence Loose Leaf Black Tea


Florence is a rich blend of black loose leaf teas with chocolate and hazelnut flavors.

It's a delicious, guiltless alternative to richer drinks like hot cocoa.

Always the subtle romantic... aren't we? The soft murmur of the crowds sifting through the Piazza della Signoria, the song of swifts and goldfinches perched on the rooftops about the square, the far off voice of a street-side aria-for-hire; you may not be outside the Palazzo Vecchio sipping hot cocoa, but with this tea, you can dream you are.

This Florentine inspired tea is so finely bold, Lucy Honeychurch herself could not pretend to be offended by its subtle decadence. Hints of chocolate, vanilla, almond and hazelnut pair seamlessly with the black tea, giving a medium body worth a second sip. The china black tea leaves keep the more unruly flavors in check, for a sophisticated balance sure enough to sooth your palate, and get people talking. 

The chocolate and vanilla aromas make this a delicious smelling tea, a great after dinner pairing with even the most decadent of deserts. Add milk and it becomes its own treat; a main event to your dinner party closing act. The black tea base makes it an excellent breakfast tea as well, though with a robust twist. A sumptuous start to any day. With so many roles, this tea is versatility in a cup.  Get yours. 

Base leaf: Black tea.

Health properties: Vitamin rich, anti-toxic properties.

Flavor strength: Full, Primary collection is aromatic hazlenut with melted chocolate finish.

Caffeine: Mild

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Finding tea-vana

When Teavana closed shop I searched for a replacement for Earl Grey Creme in vain! Now I have it in Good Life's Florence tea. At first, I didn't like it because of the bitter black taste so common in teas of this ilk, but I have the answer now, for me anyway. I steep it for 2:40 minutes, which is much less than the recommended 3-5 minutes. Doing so eliminates the bitter black, & I find leaves the wonderful taste intact. Can't wait to try it for GL's Earl Grey Creme equivalent!

Thanks for your evaluation, David. You should also know that we carry a Cream of Earl Grey which is a favorite. Next time you order, let us know you would like to try it!

I drink this tea almost every morning before my college classes and it really just makes my day better. The smell when steeping is lovely and the taste is bold yet sweet. This was the first black tea I've ever tried and I've been drinking it ever since. Also, the service I get is always very good.

Thank you Gwen. By coincidence, we have Florence on sample today here in the store. It's pretty darn compelling to smell it much less to taste it. Such a winner!
Mrs DeLeo

2 Nd time ordering this tea... love the new bags.

Our DIY teabags are so handy! We also are pleased that they are made of unbleached paper unlike any white teabag that has been bleached. You've discovered a great product. Happy sipping!
about Florence

One of my favorites! Grand as the city with the same name.

Having experienced the sights, sounds and tastes of Florence, that's a profound statement. Thanks!
Must have for the mornings

I love the full bodied black tell taste with the hints of chocolate. Abd the caffeine makes my mornings go smoothly.

Thanks for your comments Amber. As the mornings are cooler these days, a hot full bodied tea is a great way to start the day. This tea is a super choice.