Earl Grey with Lavender Loose Leaf Black Tea


We started blending this tea in our shop, because so many people were requesting it.  It's a base of Earl Grey Supreme, mixed with some of our French lavender.  The two combined create a sophisticated European flavor, and a very relaxing aroma.  The bright purple lavender stands out well against the black tea both in color, and in its distinctive flavor.  The bergamot bridges the gap.  It's citrus flavor blends the lavender and black tea into a single experience.  

Base leaf: Black tea.

Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties, natural calming.

Flavor strength: Moderate. Primary collection is lemony bergamot, relaxing Lavender over black tea.

Caffeine: Moderate.

Customer Reviews

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Perfect before Bed

I'm so glad I decided to try this tea! This tea is absolutely wonderful, especially before bed. It's very calming and I really enjoy a cup to relax me before bedtime. The lavender is subtle, yet just a perfect amount.

Being able to relax in this crazy world is one key to a satisfying life. We're so glad you have discovered Earl Grey with Lavender. It opens the door to a good nights rest. Nighty, night!
Best Teas Ever

Good Life has many exceptional teas. The unique and wonderful blends they offer are just delicious. They use the best quality teas in the world and they are great at their customer service and super prices. Shipping is fast! I love your products and have gotten ‘addicted to the Scottish Earl Grey Caramel blend !!! Thank you !

Thank you for your positive review. You have made our day!
Good tea

I am a tea drinker and could not find my regular earl gray so came to this website to find Earl Grey with lavender and my normal peppermint - love them both Rob did a great job getting them out to me quickly and discounting my order as well thanks so much

So glad you found some teas you like! If you would like to try others, may we suggest Earl Grey Supreme and Moroccan Mint? They are pretty excellent too!
Absolutely Love this Tea!

This tea is one of the best that I've had - some of the best Earl Grey flavors with a hint of the unique sweetness of lavender. I love to have the tea in the afternoon (black or with a smidgen of sugar) as a quick pick-me-up of comfort.

Comforting is the perfect word to describe Earl Grey with Lavender. Thanks for your appraisal of this fantastic tea!
Calming and yummy

This is one of my favorite teas. The taste and quality is excellent. I enjoy it with a little cream and honey or sugar (yum!!!).

The Earl Grey with Lavender has quickly become one of our most popular teas during this exceptionally cold winter season. May you continue to enjoy each soothing sip!