Harsha Loose Black Tea


A top shelf blend of India's finest and prized Darjeeling and Assam black teas.

Are you searching for a black tea with deep, bold flavor and comforting aromas? If so, HarSha is the perfect fit. HarSha, a Hindi word meaning “bliss”, is an aromatic tea with ingredients imported from the Indian villages of Darjeeling and Assam. Darjeeling is a small town known for it's aromatic, crisp teas and rich Bengali heritage. In the Eastern Himalayan hills, tea is cultivated by farmers whose talents run generations deep. Assam, located in northeastern India on the Bangladeshi border, is also famous for its fine teas, the production of which dates back to the early years of British colonization. The properties of Darjeeling and Assam teas are combined to produce a simple yet intricate network of blissful flavors.

Harsha is tea mixture comprised of dark brown and golden leaves, mimicking the earthy tones of the north Indian landscape. Second flush Darjeeling leaves are used, which means they are harvested in June and steeped to become a rich amber. When brewed, the tea is a rich, bold caramel color with hints of red. The lightness of Darjeeling tea infuses with the more sturdy-bodied Assam, crafting an impeccable balance of flavors and colors. This caffeinated tea is energizing and delicious; it's robust flavor is accented with molasses and exotic fruits, such as steeped apricots and peaches. Harsha has a deep, seductive aroma that brings to mind the warm valleys and colorful foothills of the Indian Himalayas. 

This blissful concoction of exotic tea leaves will brighten the spirit and mind, leaving traces of energy and overall wellness. From the foothills of the Himalayas to your cup, HarSha provides a dreamy getaway with every sip. 

Base leaf: Black tea

Health properties: Calming properties reported, anti-oxidant properties known..

Flavor strength: Full, dark, colonial. Primary collection is colourful, soil-rich.

Caffeine: Medium.

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Nice tea

Very smooth

We think so too. Thank you for your review!