East Frisian Loose Black Tea


A traditional black tea that calls for sugar and milk. 

A tea whose name speaks volumes. Every tea is forever tied to its place of origin: that's the sublimely adaptable fact of the ancient beverage. But some show their character in spite of what one might expect based on their home. East Frisian is not one such tea. It's visceral mimicry of the grim, layered part of the world from which it hails is as clear as this black tea's. 

On the North Eastern coast of Germany, Frisia is the sort of place that one might expect something stronger than tea is occasionally needed to make the gray days pass.  But from tough land comes tough people, and oftentimes the best sense of humor is found where men and women must work for their leisure time, if any is to be had. Thus, meet East Frisian tea: a full, almost steeled flavor that locals enrich even more with cream and rock sugar, but never stirred. A long day's companion or a chilly night's warmth; this tea brings up an unassuming warm presence, a leafy, plain but full flavor, and an overall coastal suitability that its drinkers appreciate.

So grab the town storyteller and find a place to sit with a friend or two and hear a tale or two from when he was your age. Keep the Eastern Frisia coming: hot and creamy if you prefer, or plain and seaside sharp, filling up your lungs like a good story fills the room on a cold night.

Frisians tea culture emerged mostly from the Dutch and English and currently hold the record for per capita tea consumption at 300 liters per person.  You could say tea runs in their blood. 


Base leaf: Black tea

Health properties: Antioxidant qualities known.

Flavor strength: Strong, grain-true. Primary collection is mellow/mild. Coastal brewhouse flavors, Full bodied. Takes cream and sugar well.

Caffeine: Medium.

Customer Reviews

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A delicious tea. Sweet on the palette, but turns bitter if left to stand. Make it one cup at a time rather than by the pot.

Thanks for letting us know. We hadn't heard of your experience but it is well worth noting.
This is a favorite

East Frisian is reminiscent of Darjeeling (my all time favorite). While others brew it stronger for a more robust flavor I go shorter for a lighter flavor. I drink it hot with no milk or sugar. Makes getting out of bed a little easier!

Your plan sounds like a good one. Thank you for sharing it!
A "Go Big or Go Home" Tea!

This is a big, hearty, malty, and bold tea that is delicious with milk and sugar added. Mmmm.

Thanks, Traci, for describing your reaction to East Frisian. The bold taste comes from the combination of Darjeeling, Ceylon and Assam leaves. Rather unforgettable wouldn't you say?
East Frisian Tea

I enjoy a strong tea and this is now my everyday tea. I have cut down the steeping time to two minutes and this has eliminated the bitterness. As I age my taste buds aren't as sensitive as they used to be, so mild teas, teas with a delicate flavor and so on I can't taste, or enjoy as the tea descriptions say. But this tea I can taste and really enjoy.

This tea has a strong taste and stands up to sugar without becoming sugar water. Brewing time is very personal and we're glad that you found the right brewing formula for a deeply satisfying cup. If you like this tea, try our Assam or Harsha. Thanks for being a customer. See you online soon.