Ipanema Clementine Spice - Loose Fruit Tea


As its Brazilian name suggests, this light summery tea mixes tropical fun with sassy spice. 

Sourcing tea ingredients from the U.S., Thailand, and Spain, this delicious blend is a caffeine-free herb and fruit tea sure to delight those looking for a pointed, sweet taste that won't make you crash.  Rich and varied, Ipanema Clementine is a spice-tinged tea with a firm herbal collection and primary orange notes that are direct but not overwhelming. Hot or cold, this tea's warm mix of geographical and stylistic influences makes it a suggested vacation brew.

Vitamin C takes the spotlight and herbal enthusiasts will love the absence of caffeine in this gardenial tisanal where there's no tea to be found.

Citrus and herb are a longstanding blend used around the globe for calming, toxin-removal properties as well as their immune system boosting vitamin content. Taste doesn't take the back seat here, steering the orange flavor through the herbal landscape, spicing the aftertaste just enough to linger in memory.

Try this unique decaf blend today!

Base leaf: Herbal/Fruit.
Health properties: Vitamin C source, caffeine-free.
Flavor strength: Full, Primary collection is orange-over-herb with minor citrus pronounced when served cold.
Caffeine: None

Customer Reviews

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Just right!

Ipanema Clementine Spice is a lovely brew that hits the spot when you want a lovely tasting beverage without the caffeine. It's dark outside, the day is waning and you want something to slowly sip that tastes just right - this is it! Enjoy; I sure do.

Thank you for your insightful review. Have you tried some of our other fruit teas? Each one is different and so, so good!