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A deep blend of Masala Spices to perk you up.

Years, miles, blood, and more have gone into the spice trade; one of modern history's most fascinating, long-borne, and travel-rich sagas. Directly tying culinary, political, military worlds and more, the spice trade is a tale based as much on exploration as on profit. From this history we earn the endless benefit of knowledge of far-flung places. Ceylon, or Sri Lanka, is one with a particular tie to simple, satisfying, hardy teas. Of black, white, and green, black is – as it is worldwide – the most prevalent ceylon tisanal.

Here in our Decaf Black Spice tea we have a fine, complex example. It features ginger root, cinnamon bark, cloves, cardamom pods. The fragrance of this Decaf Black Spice tea has a character of its own, tantalizing before the first sip and begging the question: how could there possible be balance in a flavour collection with so many robust individual components? The answer is that the higher notes of each spice, clear as they are (and delicious) in the aroma, all willingly mesh into an elegant, more subdued drinking experience that calms, one naturally decaffeinated sip at a time.  

Clove and cinnamon tend to showboat, which is why chai makes such nice use of them (as well, of course, as cardamom) but this Decaf Black Spice tea gives you a chance to savor them in the clarity of a black tea base.

Base leaf: Black tea.
Health properties: General restorative.
Flavor strength: Full, spiced. Primary collection is bark spice with mellow near-sweet finish.
Caffeine: None.

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Warm and fruity

This tea has a nice, clean taste and a wonderful, fruity aroma. I don't taste the spice and honestly, I was looking for a bolder, spicier taste. Nevertheless it has a delicious orange undertone that stays with me even after I have finished drinking the tea! Therefore, I am satisfied and will continue to enjoy it!

Thank you for your review Keller. We're pleased, you're pleased!
Great for an autumn evening!

We just tried this tonight and it is great for a chilly fall evening. The spice isn't overpowering and smells delicious.

Isn't wonderful how a taste or smell can transport a person into another moment? You've found the key to autumn and isn't it delicious?
Pretty Good

I received a free sample of this tea, and even though I never buy decaf, I actually enjoyed this tea. It wasn't quite as spiced as I would have liked, but it was enjoyable.

Mildly Spiced

Another free sample from Good Life Tea’s decaf sampler. It has the same small, quite broken black tea base, and there are pieces of citrus peel and various spices (ginger root among others). I did a 3 minute steep at 200 degrees.

I can smell a lot of clove and some ginger in the steeped tea. I added a small amount of raw sugar to my cup. This is definitely a mildly spiced black tea, which is nice. I suppose it would also be stronger with a longer steep, but I like to keep the steep short with broken leaf teas to prevent bitterness. I can definitely taste cinnamon and clove the most, but there’s also ginger in there and a touch of orange. A little bit astringent for me, but nothing too crazy. Pleasant. :)

Well balanced

The amount of spice seemed just right for my taste not too overpowering and also not too weak. Has an enjoyable aftertaste that lingers for a while. Nothing really spectacular for a normal black tea but for a decaf at this price i'd say its exceptional.