Decaf Peach Loose Tea


One sip will win you over.

Our Peach decaf black tea is a marriage of Ceylon black tea leaves from Sri Lanka, and ripe summer peaches. It's deliciously peachy sweet with a syrupy floral aroma and a 'peach fuzz' dry finish.

Forbidden fruit?

Maybe the collected works of western art had it all wrong with that ole red apple. After all, do we really believe Eve was able to turn Adam's head with that mundane orb? How about a fruit with some panache? Some sex appeal. Come on people; when things are going swell, life ain't no apple.

It's a peach.

In China the legend went that the Goddess of the West's heavenly garden of peach trees bloom and bear fruit once in every two thousand years. Whoever feasted on the fruit attained eternal life. Of course, in that story only eight were invited to the party. Though we say, what's the harm in one more? Go on then, take a sip of heaven.

This Peach decaf blends the bright fruity notes of Ceylon black tea with ripe summer peaches. It has a sweet syrupy peach fragrance that leaves floral notes lingering in your nose as you sip. The peach flavor's sweet, yet as any great romancer, knows the value of subtlety. The shape and flavor of the tea leaves are preserved through a gentle, natural decaffeination process. It finishes with a 'peach fuzz' dryness and an astringency so pleasant, it will leave you needing more.

Base leaf: Black tea.

Health properties: Antioxident properties and general restorative.

Flavor strength: Modest, Primary collection is fragrant peach, light floral notes.

Caffeine: None


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Decaf Peach Loose Tea
Our decaf teas go through a CO2 process that leaves no residual taste. Thanks for your observation, the decaf black peach is summer in a cup!
Decaf tea
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Thanks so much for your insights. We couldn't agree more!