Decaf Orange Loose Tea


Close your eyes and take in the aroma. Ahh.

The leaves for this orange decaf black tea were grown in Sri lanka. It's a delicious pairing of Ceylon decaf and natural orange peels and juices. Let's get back to basics. It's the simplest things in life that give the most pleasure. That's why we love tea. The little rituals: setting the pot. Listening for the whistle. Sugar or honey? One spoon or two? Milk or cream? Tea gives us time back. Time to savor: friends and flavors. It reminds us to value the little joys: the swirl of milk in a hot cup. 
And what could be more simply wonderful than the noise-flaring citrus aroma, the zesty taste of orange? Close your eyes, breath deep, and see where it takes you. Sunset over a California orange grove? A glass of Florida orange juice on the porch? Or how about just taking tea in the Orangerie? Whatever memories you attach this simple yet wonderful citrus sensation, let us help you there with this orange decaf blend. 
This tea combines the already distinct Ceylon black decaf with orange peels and flavors. The zesty orange rind adds dry notes, while the tea leaves are imbued with the ubiquitous sweetness of juice. The Ceylon decaf naturally imparts a clean tangy aroma, and a flavor with citrus notes, making the marriage with natural orange flavors seamless. This tea has a medium body, and a refreshing astringency. A natural decaffeination process preserves the shape and flavor of the tea leaves.
In China, the orange is a symbol of prosperity. So drink and prosper in the little joys. Drink and savor. Here's to the simpler, sweeter things in life.
Base leaf: Black tea.
Health properties: Vitamin rich, rsepiratory and circulatory system aide.
Flavor strength: Modest, Primary collection is orange zested black with breathy peel notes.
Caffeine: None

Customer Reviews

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Nice tea
As a person who can't tolerate caffeine, being the manager of Good Life Tea has provided an opportunity to stock lots of decaf and caffeine free teas. I hope you will check out other teas that we offer. May I suggest trying some of our Rooibos herbal teas? They are delightfully refreshing with lots of antioxidants. So many to try, so little time!!!! ~Susan Albert, Good Life Tea
Hot Spice & Orange Rind, Ohmazing!
One of the truly fun things about loose tea is the ability to mix as you see fit. It sounds like you found the combo that works for you. Sip on!
Decaf orange tea
It sounds like you might be a candidate for a custom blend. By adding Hot Cinnamon Spice (caffeinated) to the Orange, you might get just what your looking for!