Decaf Earl Grey Loose Tea


Be very British - make yourself a cuppa Earl Grey.

To describe Earl Grey as naturally “bright” is to put a well-earned fine point on one particular part of its overall flavor collection: the oil of bergamot that rests atop the classy, unassuming black base. Coming from the earthier eastern tea farms of Sri Lanka, this tea bears more of a western sensibility hailing the trade routes that once connected Sri Lanka to Europe.

Handsome in sight with cornflower petals completing its mixture, Earl Grey is a longstanding everyman/everywoman's tisinal; it's flavour easy to access and understand. Nothing particularly gardenal nor sweet, and yet nothing tending towards complexity or astringency. A tea for all times, weathers, moods, and seasons; Earl Grey is a lovely and naturally decaffeinated (using CO2) way to enjoy tea at its simplest. Sure to swirl up memories of one's first childhood sip: enjoy Earl Grey hot, cold, and sweetened to taste.

When searched this tea is mistakenly spelled Earl Gray. 

Base leaf: Black tea
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties known, weight management properties.
Flavor strength: Full, Clean. Primary collection is stable black with brighter finish of  bergamot.
Caffeine: None.   Caffeine removed using thel Co2 process, the current gold standard.

Customer Reviews

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Thanks Aaron, we couldn't agree more. The CO2 process for decaffeinating teas is awesome as it's absolutely tasteless allowing the flavors of the teas to bloom in the steeping process as they should. We appreciate your review and your past and future business!
Best Decaf Ever!
Wow, Patricia, can we just clone you? You've made our day, month and maybe the year! THANK YOU for your kind remarks! We look forward to continuing to provide premium teas to you along with tea ware, notes, inspirational sayings, instructions and samples. Whew, we appreciate you!
Thank you for the stars, Nathan! We appreciate every one!