Decaf Darjeeling Loose Tea


Darjeeling, the “Queen of Teas”

This luxury tea is found in the choicest groves in the lowlands around the Himalayan mountains. It's high-borne character speaks to the rarity of this tea's character: a brisk, light color that offers up initial aromas of sweet, floral, keen qualities. From color to flavor, Darjeeling is rightly often described as autumnal, drawing mid-level notes from its cool land of origin. An estate tea, this blend is carefully curated to preserve the same methods that have made it a standing favorite for so long.


With its citrus brightness and a medium body beneath, Darjeeling rests with royal bearing, neither overbearing nor over flavored. Rather it represents the same, ineffable sensual experience that first drew the west to the concept of royal tea. Something both here and there, both floral and clear. Among the large brown leaves are smaller green flakes that spread out the balance in this blend. It hardly resists definition: one immediately knows when one tastes it.

Enjoy Darjeeling, the “Queen of Teas”, reflective, slightly sweet, a classic.

Base leaf: Black
Health properties: Anti carcinogenic qualities, stomach-positive properties. Anti-oxidant properties.
Flavor strength: Medium, citrus. Primary collection is citrus over autumnal black.
Caffeine: None.

Customer Reviews

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Decaf Darjeeling loose leaf tea

Have been searching for a decaf Darjeeling tea —delighted ti find it with great rich flavour

Searching for a particular tea can be very frustrating. We're so glad you found what you have been looking for in the Decaf Darjeeling. Sip on!
Pretty good for a decaf Darjeeling

This is pretty good for a decaf Darjeeling; and it has more flavor that one I bought from another tea purveyor.

We're so glad you liked it. Keep in mind we have lots of other decaf black teas to try. Sip on!

It's hard to find a great tasting, full-bodied decaf tea, especially Darjeeling. This is it! I am caffeine sensitive but like to stay warm with a good cup of tea throughout the morning while I'm working from home. So glad I found this tea. Great flavor and super great service from Good Life Tea. They sent me free samples of other decaf teas :) I will definitely be a repeat customer!

Thank you for your very positive review! We're so pleased that you're pleased and look forward to providing more tea to you in the future!
The Best Decaf Darjeeling I've tasted so far

I LOVE Darjeeling tea. However, in my sensitive system, the caffeine in it might as well be a strong amphetamine! Even if I stop drinking it by noon, it still keeps me awake way too late at night. I can only handle regular Darjeeling at a rate of no more than 1 serving a week at the most, and once or twice a month is much better. Enter this wonderful version of decaf Darjeeling! While it's not got the same flavor I love in regular caffeinated, it's a wonderful substitute that I can enjoy whenever I want without the "speed." Since it's loose tea, I had to wait until I could find the right diffuser to brew a cup... and it's really good! Thank you so much Good Life Tea!

So glad you have been able to find our Decaf Darjeeling fills your needs. Thanks for the review!
Decaf teas

All of the products were better than I expected for decaf tea. The English Breakfast is wonderful. The Ceylon was good but not as full bodied as I had hoped.

Thanks for your review, Robert. We appreciated getting your feedback.