Peppermint - Loose Organic Herbal Tea


Totally refreshing, superbly calming. A great organic caffeine tea that up lifts your mental state. 

Mint continues to be revered for its crisp aroma, as well as its natural, caffeine-free taste. Delightful, refreshing, invigorating and soothing to the stomach and the spirit. Enjoy a cup at bedtime tea with lemon and honey for a great night of sleep.

Organic and caffeine free

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Yummy and smooth. It's great for winding down in the evening.

Our peppermint is so flavorful and elicits a relaxing mood. Thanks for your review!

Great quality tea

I've bought tea from Good Life Tea before (Kyoto cherry rose green tea) and was not disappointed so when I was looking for something to add to a friend's care package I knew where to go. I bought more of the green tea, some peppermint tea, and the raw sugar and all three are wonderful! Plus, the people who run Good Life are just delightful! I cannot stress this enough, you should buy from them! Support a great business, especially now when great businesses are struggling. Love ya, Good Life!

It's that time of year when customer service staff can be overwhelmed. Your review certainly brightened their day. Thank you for your support and continued business, Lily!

peppermint loose tea

I purchased peppermint loose tea and rosehips loose tea. also purchased an infuser for my mugs
I love the infuser. I also love the peppermint and rosehip teas. I have used them all and I would purchase them again

Peppermint and rosehips, hmmm, what an intriguing combination! We look forward to continuing to provide premium loose leaf teas to you and hearing of your tea experiences. Thank you!