Cranberry Apple - Organic Loose Fruit Tea


Cranberry Apple - Not too sweet and not too tart. A fall favorite

A strong contestant in swaying people in the eternal “hot or cold?” debate: organic Cranberry Apple offers to let you have your tea and drink it too: it's superb cold or hot. A no-nonsense herbal fruit blend, this tisane features a mouth-watering cast of the usual herbal suspects; plus a few surprise guests in center-stage positions. Let's begin with citrus, since your mouth will feel it first. The unswerving tradition of mixing orange peel with hibiscus and rosehip is honored here leading to that time-tested blend of managerial soothing and citrus snap. It's impossible to ignore the puckish sweetness on display here, even as the more mature nostril-fuls of apple enter the mix. The collection's identity, though, is still – just for a moment – untethered until the arrival of the cranberry, whose gravity pulls the mixture to the tongue and throat, making each gulp an herbal wave.

You might say that this is a flavorful tea. Here we have an example of a guilt-free pleasure bath, with this caffeine-free wonder whose every component was nurtured organically: apples, oranges, rose hip, hibiscus, and cranberry alike. All untouched by chemical additive as they grew to maturity. Rich and full when hot, with a lingering cranberry tartness that takes well to being served cold: this tea will wake you up in the morning and put you down, calm, at night. It's fruity, decadent, and handled with the care of its organic predecessors.  Reminiscent of fall.  Enjoy with a clean conscience! Kids love

Base leaf: Organic herbal/fruit

Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties known, anti-insomniac, C-vitamins.

Flavor strength: Full, orchidal. Primary collection is sweet, fruit, with tart notes approaching in the long aftertaste.

Caffeine: None.

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Customer Reviews

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Favorite tea!

This really is my favorite tea I could drink it all day long!

Fruit teas such as Cranberry Apple are so yummy and versatile. I like it hot as well as iced. ~Susan, GLT

Cranberry Apple Tea

This is my favorite tea flavor! I drink it every day!

Julie~ Thanks for letting us know. Considering how full of vitamins this fruit tea is, you are doing yourself a favor by drinking it too.

pretty and tasty

beautiful red color. i am normally not the type to buy fruity/hibiscus teas but this is definitely my thing! yum.

Thanks for your comments. We have lots of other tisanes you are sure to enjoy too!