Bright Orange - Loose Fruit Tea


Bright Orange - Fruit flavored loose leaf tea

Quenches like nice else. Grab some today.

What a welcome surprise every time an herbal tea has all of the flavor and potency of an old fashioned cuppa. Not to mention a little something extra. The secret to this tea – often cited as a tea-lover's favorite? Does what it says on the tin. Labeled Bright Orange; this is a spirited tea with an unquenchable (but not overpowering) basin of citric orange flavor.

This unique blood-orange tisanal can be enjoyed in the afternoon along with a few minute's quiet break or added to one's normal daily tea time. Sweet but tangy enough to be a more “serious” fruit tea; Bright Orange is deceptively delicious.

Fruit tea calls to mind specific times and locations. It's the sort of aromatic experience that locks itself in memory and insists on only returning at the nostalgic whiff of the particular tea present at the time of the memory. For this reason; along with the delicate but persistent sweetness of papaya and rosehip mixed in with blood orange; Bright Orange is a wonderful gift tea.

Citrus and vitamin C are the body's natural immune system boosters. Improve your natural defenses against infection and even the common cold by adding Bright Orange to your roster of teas. Full bodied with a manageable flavor, this tangily sweet fruit tea is sure to be a favorite!

Base leaf: Fruit and herbs no tea leaves.

Health properties: Super Vitamin C.

Flavor strength: Medium, fruity, playful. Primary flavor collection is citric simple.

Customer Reviews

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Kerry, you never cease to be perfectly 'spot on' in your reviews! Bright Orange has joined Last Mango in Paris and Angel Falls Mist as being on the Favorites List.
Future Mother in Law Approved
Delicate flavors
Thank you for your kind words of support. May you have hours of relaxation with the delicate fruit tea you selected.