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A fruity concoction that is certain to excite the taste buds in the same way a rousing game of bingo excites the mind!

There was a drinker who had a tea and Bingo Blueberry was it's name-o! This light burgundy-red brew is a mixture of all-natural ingredients: dried elderberries, raisins,  apple, cornflower petals, hibiscus and all natural blueberry flavoring. Its aroma is one of sweet fruit and freshly harvested herbs. With a pinch of organic cane sugar, this caffeine free "tea" becomes a sweet treat that can be enjoyed hot or iced, morning or night. 

Blueberries are extremely healthy. Their many health benefits include reduced blood sugar, memory retention, lowered cholesterol and lowered blood pressure. Blueberries also contain nutrients such as vitamins C and K, and dietary fiber. In addition to the health properties of blueberries, elderberries have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. They have been shown to reduce respiratory congestion, treat rheumatism, and alleviate allergies. Imagine this: while enjoying a delicious, sweet cup of Bingo Blueberry Fruit and Herb Tea you can also improve your health. Enjoying a hot or iced cup of Bingo Blueberry is truly a winning game.

Base leaf: Herbal/Fruit
Health properties: Vitamin rich with C and K, strong anti-toxic properties.
Flavor strength: Modest, Primary collection is gardenial, in blended notes.
Caffeine: None

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Good Life's blueberry tisane is my favorite so far.

Bingo Blueberry is so full of flavor. We're glad you discovered it!
The BEST blueberry tea!

This tea is amazing! The flavor is so rich - i have found my forever blueberry tea! It’s a fantastic value for such an awesome tea! I’m satisfied on every level! Thank you!!!

Normally, we would suggest you also try our White Blueberry tea but it sounds like you have found THE one. Stick with it and enjoy!!!
Best Tea Ever

Full rich fruity flavor either hot or iced. So soothing to the soul and healthy for the heart. My family’s faveorite.

Thanks for your comments, Cynthia. We happen to be drinking some Bingo Blueberry iced right now. So yummy!
Great blueberry flavor without any bitterness

I really love the blueberry flavor of this tea. It is sweet and refreshing and I don't need to add sweetener to have a wonderful, fruity cup of tea. It is great either hot or cold.

Thanks for letting us know. Bingo Blueberry is a favorite for sure. You may want to try our White Blueberry for a different blueberry taste.
Full Strength

When I first tried this tea in my Mister, I used less than the full amount of tea to water ration to try and save on tea. This was a bad idea because I was completely underwhelmed. Next time, I used the full amount of tea recommended and I was pleasantly surprised. The tea was very fruity with the taste of berries and not overtaken with the tartness of hibiscus. So good iced on a hot day!

Thanks for your comments Laurie. Yes, using the recommended amount does work best and sometimes using even a little extra works if you want stronger flavored tea that can be watered down. So glad you like Bingo Blueberry.