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Hot Cinnamon Spice Loose Leaf Black Tea

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  • Steeping Instructions

    1 teaspoon per 8 oz of water. Fluffy leaves like some Oolongs, use 2 teaspoons. For stronger tea use more tea.   There is no hard and fast rules on steeping except over steeping may make tea bitter.   If you are unsure, try cooler water and shorter steeping times. Below are general steeping instructions.  For best results, follow the steeping instructions that came with your tea.
    To estimate water temperature use a thermometer or wait a 2-3 minutes after the water stops boiling. Then the water temperature should be about 165- 185 F. You can gauge water temperature by looking at the bubbles forming at the bottom of the tea kettle.  When pin size bubbles form, the water temperature is about 185F. To take the guess work out of water temperatures, try our electric tea kettle.

    Tea Type Steeping Temperature Steeping Time
    White Tea  170-185 F 1-3 minutes
    Green Tea 170-185 F 2-3 minutes
    Oolong Tea 170-190 F 2-3 minutes
    Black Tea 200-212 F 3-5 minutes
    Tisanes 212 F 4-7 minutes

       Fruit and herbal teas are also referred to as tisanes.

Our Best selling loose leaf tea.

Warmth comes in a variety of shades and seasons, insinuating itself first in the intensely autumnal sight of this spiced black tea - Hot Cinnamon Spice tea. One can't help but picture a fire when confronted with the site of ember-like citrus chips atop a crisp smolder of black tea. It's the perfect blend to let heat tease out the lung-opening flavors, letting the tang spark your palette while the generous cinnamon bark adds heat. All that's missing is a fireside chair and your favorite novel. Order some now, you know you love this tea.

Also available in  decaf   and  caffeine free herbal  with the same great taste.  

Order 8 or 16 ounces and Save

This loose leaf tea has depth, flavor and an aroma that adds edge to the idea of “cozy”, unable to be missed, even by the attentions of the most devoted coffee drinker. Hot cinnamon spice tea warms in stages, realizing that simple steam and weight do not a heated evening make. Rather it's the initial zest that quickly peels back to allow for the clove-clouded black central tones to take control. Long burning flavors from the cloves ensure that the warmth will last.

The appearance of all good loose tea matches the promised sensation. Hot Cinnamon Spice has a distinct look with bright citrus pieces and fire-curled cinnamon bark nestled among the robust black of tea leaves and cloves. An unforgettable loose leaf tea and a perennial holiday gift favorite; it's best to stock up.

Also available in decaf with the same great taste. Click here

Read the terrific reviews about this Hot Cinnamon Spice tea our best loose leaf tea.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
The Best Cinnamon tea!

A coworker steeped a cup in the office and I was drawn in by the wonderful scent. She offered me some and I am so glad I took her up on the offer! It is the best cinnamon tea I have ever had! It is just the perfect amount of spice and the cinnamon flavor shines through. I will definitely be stopping in to the local store to purchase some, AND to try some other flavors that caught my eye here on the website.

Trish, you won't be surprised to learn that Hot Cinnamon Spice is our top seller. There are, however, 116 other teas that we carry. We look forward to introducing you to many outstanding flavors.
Absolutely Amazing

I tasted this blend at the Canandaigua Christkindl Market yesterday and I just had to bring home my own tin. This blend is the epitome of fall. It is delicious both hot and iced. Like I was told, sugar is not needed at all, this blend alone is sweet with relaxing spice! I would honestly have to say this is my favorite tea ever!

Your comments sum Hot Cinnamon Spice up perfectly. It's the favorite to say the least! (We do have 116 others however!)
Hot Cinnamon Spice loose leaf black tea

This superb tea screams "FALL IS HERE!" It is simply the best to wake up to on a chilly fall morning or sip as you snuggle with your sweetheart next to the fireplace at the close of day.

Well, Nancy, you certainly conjure up some nice imagery and we look forward to providing Hot Cinnamon Spice to you throughout the chilly weather!. Snuggle on!

It’s the perfect autumn tea!

Hot Cinnamon Spice or HCS as we call it in the shop certainly is a perfect 'go to' tea at this time of year. Some people are surprised when I mention that I drink it all summer long-iced! Try it, you might like it too!

You only need a small quantity to brew a great pot of tea! I am waiting for the decaf version to be back in stock for afternoon tea. I like it over ice too:-)

It's the #1 favorite around here, Martha. We look forward to getting decaf Hot Cinnamon Spice in as soon as it becomes available again. Sip on!
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