Cubebots will rule the world - On Sale

day glow green

Superior wiring and bug free

Born from cubic DNA these bots have a myriad of moods from stern to playful. Use them to impress your boss at work or give to that nerd boy or girl and show your nerd cred.

BTW kids love them too.  A great alternative gift for parents that want to share and relate to young ones.  No batteries needed.

Since I run a tea shop, I will include 3 samples of tea.


  • Stained wood
  • 1.5 inches cubed
  • 5.25 inches tall with arms up
  • No Batteries Required.  Runs on perpetual energy.
  • Favorite Drink - Genuine Matcha from Japan
  • Favorite Pastime - Sipping tea with fellow bots
  • Most Feared Enemy - Spot. He wants to cover me in slime and then eat me. I must be in constant vigil of this beast.
  • Favorite Nightclub -  Save the Robots, too bad it closed.

Cubebot Tea Schedule

  • Sunrise - Matcha - Makes me green and amped up.
  • Mid Day - Hot Cinnamon Spice - Even robots have trouble keeping up with the rat race.
  • Sunset - Citron Green - Gets me another few hours without blowing a fuse.
  • Rest Time - C of Tranquility - Lets me cool of my circuitry and clear my RAM
 Cubebots Make Excellent Dance Teachers. 


Customer Reviews

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My 3 year old grandson and I both loved it!

My 3 year old grandson loved it! He could not stop playing with it, and took it home clutched in his hand at the end of the visit. And I had fun with it too!

Your comments just go to show Good Life Tea has something for everyone. Cubebots are great fun for kids (including grandfathers) of all ages!