The 2021 Valentine's Day Collections!

  • Post by  Katie Panara Feb 08, 2021

Good morning, loves! Are you staying warm as the temperatures just continue to drop? Can you say "Brrrr!"? I am writing to you today to remind you that, while we are getting down to the wire here, fear not, we still have time to get you tea for your Valentine! Our Valentine's Day Collections are beautiful, hand selected, and a gift that keeps on giving to your swee-tea! Below I will include a brief description of each of the sets, as well as a few other ideas!

Let's start with our "Chocolate Lovers" Set! As mentioned in the description on the website, we all have a chocaholic in our lives. This set is the perfect gift for them as it includes teas with chocolate of all varieties (i.e. milk, dark, white, etc). In this set, your beloved will find 3 ounces of tea; 1 ounce of each of the following. We have included an ounce of our Florence tea, an ounce of our Chocolate Truffle, and an ounce of our Chocolate Mint black tea. Click on each link to learn a bit more of each of these teas! 
Next up is our "Dreaming of You" set. Do you find yourself so infatuated with your special someone this year that they have found their way, not only into your heart, but also your dreams? We know this feeling and because of this, we created this set! "Dreaming of You" includes two ounces of two of our most popular teas for those that are looking to drift off into dreamland. We started with two ounces of our Gentle Slumber which is a blend of rooibos, chamomile and peppermint. These herbal components are known for their powerful calming effects. With Gentle Slumber, we knew we also had to include our Sleep Better. This, again, is a very powerful and totally organic caffeine free blend of valerian root, lemon myrtle, verbena, spearmint, chamomile, and lavender. My family swears by this tea to ensure sweet dreams! I highly recommend it for you and your honey (with a little honey) too! 
If you are just at the beginning of a relationship and worried about throwing the "L word" (love) out there and scaring off your special someone, yet you want them to know that you are thinking about them, this next set is the one for you. The "Thinking of You Bouquet" is the way to say to your new flame "I'm thinking about you and I want you to know!". It's also a new and fresh way to do so, as opposed to the ever expected bouquet of flowers! In this set we have included one ounce of each of the following two teas, Kyoto Cherry Rose and Blue Sapphire, plus a hand tied Jasmine Flower burst! Kyoto Cherry Rose is our most popular green tea and it will soon become no secret why to you. Our Blue Sapphire is a black tea that hails from Kenya and is graced with blue cornflowers which add a beautiful, visual elegance. Lastly, we added one of our hand tied Jasmine Flower bursts to this "bouquet" as these are a treat for both the taste buds and the eyes! Make sure that the lucky recipient of your "Thinking of You Bouquet" knows to watch this special addition steep in a clear glass as it will quite literally bloom! 
While your relationship might not be new with your dearest, their relationship with tea may be. This was our main notion in curating our "Keeper Steeper" set. For this set, we had the "tea newbie" in mind. We know that so many of you love tea and part of being in love with someone is sharing your own, personal, loves with them! To help you in doing so the "Keeper Steeper" includes an ounce of our Chocolate Mint Rooibos tea, as well as another ounce of our Decaf Raspberry tea. Both being without caffeine, you can enjoy these at any time of day. This also allows your lover to try two new teas! Because they will need something to steep these delicious teas, we decided that a 20-pack of our DIY teabags was necessary! Lastly, in this set, we have included a Washi tin, handmade in Japan, that allows your loved one to store their tea stylishly! 
Finally, the last set in the 2021 Valentine's Day Collection is our "Run Away with Me".  Oh, the bliss that is associated with leaving all of our problems behind and running away with someone we love! That is what this collection exemplifies and sipping on either of these will make you want to do just that! In this set your darling will receive 4 ounces of each of these teas; our  Hello Hawaii and our Peaceful Journey. With what is going on as far as current travel in our world, let these teas allow you to go on a little vacation with your heartthrob without ever having to leave the house! 
Some other little additions that we feel would be absolutely perfect to add for your Valentine are our amber sugar crystals (some sugar for your sugar ;)), our Berry Berry tea, due to it's exquisite color, or perhaps, one of our adorable tea pots!
Lastly, if you are located locally, please don't forget that we offer a pick up option to make sure you don't have to deal with pesky, delayed shipping! We want to make sure your sweetie feels just as spoiled as they should! We hope you are all staying safe, warm, and are feeling the love! Happy sipping! - Kaytea :)