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Look What We Found While Cleaning Out Some Old Drawers Today...

by Aubrey Simonson August 23, 2016

Look What We Found While Cleaning Out Some Old Drawers Today...

This morning was a little slow, so we opened up all of the drawers behind the counter, dumped them out, and re-organized them.  In one of them, we found this cute little book!  


It appears to be from when we first opened.  Inside of it, there are a multitude of reviews:

Last Mango in Paris review last mango in paris loose fruit herbal tea

"Last Mango in Paris


     Holy cow.  Huge pieces of mangoes +big nice fragrance.  Brews up red.  I ate pieces of the mangoes afterwards.  It's that good."


gingers island loose herbal tea

gingers tropical island loose fruit herbal tea"Ginger's Island is delicious and has a nice zing to it.  I think it would be great in the summer time w/ ice.  It's very nice warm, too.  Fruity w/ a pop!"


Kyoto Cherry Rose loose green tea

kyoto cherry rose loose green tea"Kyoto Cherry Blossom- Try it.  Excellent flavors+ ???.  Well thought-out, detail-oriented, cozy + inspiring milieu


white peach loose white tea

white peach loose white tea"White Peach was delightful and I am not a tea drinker!  Now I will be!

                                                                     Kim ???"

White cucumber white tea loose

white cucumber loose white tea"White Cucumber-

A light, refreshing taste.  An almost feel w/ the hint of cucumber skin.  The after taste is clean & clear with no feeling of residue.  Like taking a sip from a cool, fresh spring on a mountainside.  Highly enjoy this tea & would recommend it with a high rating.



And, perhaps my favorite... hot cinnamon spice loose black tea

Aubrey Simonson
Aubrey Simonson

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