Look What We Found While Cleaning Out Some Old Drawers Today...

by Aubrey Simonson August 23, 2016 2 min read

Look What We Found While Cleaning Out Some Old Drawers Today...

This morning was a little slow, so we opened up all of the drawers behind the counter, dumped them out, and re-organized them.  In one of them, we found this cute little book!  


It appears to be from when we first opened.  Inside of it, there are a multitude of reviews:

Last Mango in Paris reviewlast mango in paris loose fruit herbal tea

"Last Mango in Paris


     Holy cow.  Huge pieces of mangoes +big nice fragrance.  Brews up red.  I ate pieces of the mangoes afterwards.  It's that good."


gingers island loose herbal tea

gingers tropical island loose fruit herbal tea"Ginger's Island is delicious and has a nice zing to it.  I think it would be great in the summer time w/ ice.  It's very nice warm, too.  Fruity w/ a pop!"


Kyoto Cherry Rose loose green tea

kyoto cherry rose loose green tea"Kyoto Cherry Blossom- Try it.  Excellent flavors+ ???.  Well thought-out, detail-oriented, cozy + inspiring milieu


white peach loose white tea

white peach loose white tea"White Peach was delightful and I am not a tea drinker!  Now I will be!

                                                                     Kim ???"

White cucumber white tea loose

white cucumber loose white tea"White Cucumber-

A light, refreshing taste.  An almost feel w/ the hint of cucumber skin.  The after taste is clean & clear with no feeling of residue.  Like taking a sip from a cool, fresh spring on a mountainside.  Highly enjoy this tea & would recommend it with a high rating.



And, perhaps my favorite...hot cinnamon spice loose black tea

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August 27, 2016

I enjoyed reading your descriptions of your teas. What an interesting and cool book. I am just finishing my first pitcher of Canandaigua chill and a.m. really enjoying it. I can’t quite decipher what home the flavors in it. Can you tell me The ingredients?

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