Fruit Teas - A popular choice for Iced Teas

by Robert O'Brien July 22, 2015 2 min read

Fruit Teas, also called Tisanes, are a great choice for the iced tea season.  With the summer heat and activity, your body requires hydration and iced tea is perfect hydration.  There are many drinks that would fulfill the requirement, but many are laden with sugar and caffeine.  For example, Gatorade - designed for Florida college football players, has 80 calories . A 12 ounce coke has 140 calories and the so-called energy drinks are even higher. It takes about 30 minutes of moderate exercise for a 125 pound person person to burn those calories. If you don't work off those calories, it becomes fat.  A football player can burn those calories, but will you?

Our Fruit Teas are made from dried fruit and herbs - things that are natural.  Because the fruit is dried, there are no calories and no caffeine too! 

The fruit flavor in our tisanes can be steeped to be intense with a deep color or light.  Some Iced Tea newbies switching from sugar laden drinks, may like a teaspoon of sugar or honey for a little sweetness because they are accustomed to sweeter drinks . A teaspoon of honey and sugar is 20 and 15 calories, respectively: a whole lot less than most sugary drinks. Adding your own sugar puts you in control.

Good Life Tea has a large selection of Fruit Teas. Among our most popular is Last Mango in ParisLast Mango in Paris ingredientsThe ingredients are mangoes, hibiscus, rosehips, apples, berries, citrus peels and pineapples.  The mangoes are large and highly visible.  All these ingredients working in concert, produce a delicious iced tea that quenches your thirst, hydrates your body without loading you with unneeded calories.

Now our iced teas are even easier to make.  Our customers rave about our Mist Iced Tea Maker.  It's so easy to use. Add room temperature water and tea and put it in the frig and 6 hours later you have delicious iced tea.

Get started today with refreshing Iced Tea and Mist Iced Tea Maker.

Happy sipping.

Fruit iced Tea and the Mist Iced Tea Maker 


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