Refill Your Tea Tin - Get 5% off

by Robert O'Brien June 26, 2015 2 min read

Using Tea Tins is good for the Environment

At Good Life Tea we try to reduce unnecessary packaging.  One way is to encourage you our customers to bring in your tea tins when you shop in our store. (We also give you 5% of your tea purchase. More on that later.) Tea Tins are the best way store your tea and keep your premium teas fresh and delicious longerSave 5% with a Tea Tim than our tea pouches.  By packing your teas into your tins, we eliminate the need for pouches which do not recycle due to their composition.  So its a win - win- win  for both you and Good Life Tea and our environment. A three way win - YES.

But as those noisy TV hucksters would shout, WAIT THERE'S MORE !!


Another win - win.  

You get 5% off the tea we fill into your tins.  Bring in any tin, jar or container (even Teavana tins), and we will gladly fill them. Since we saved a few pennies by eliminating packaging costs, we want to share our savings with you.  (Our minimum refill is 1 ounce.  Don't worry you don't have to fill the tin up to the top.)

Our Selection of Tea Tins and Canisters

To make it easy for you to help the environment and to start saving 5%, we sell a variety of tea tins and canisters to store your teas. Our tea tins are offered in 12 different colors.  Each tin fills between 3-5 ounces.  

We also sell beautiful tea canisters, a great way to display your teas in your home and keep your teas close by for your daily enjoyment.

Happy Sipping !

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