What we are doing to be green - Good Life Tea

What we are doing to be green

by Robert O'Brien April 29, 2015

Happy Earth Day 

At Good Life Tea, like everyone else, we care about mother earth.

Here are some of the things we have done.

  • All our lighting is LED - Saves on fuel of all kinds by reducing electric usage.  Added benefit - The old light bulbs were  hot and in the summer our A/C does not have to work as hard - saving on peak electricity - the most polluting kind.
  • Our suppliers.  All our suppliers are green on some level or another.  One of our Canadian suppliers generates all most all their electricity through solar panels.  Another gives 1% to to organizations to protect our earth. 
  • We stock organic teas.   Organic teas are more environmentally friendly and they taste great too.
  • Recycle. We try to reuse as many boxes that come through our door as we can.  You may have noticed this when we shipped something to you.  The ones that we can't reuse, we recycle once a week.  Sure its easier to chuck them into a dumpster, but we don't.
  • Tin refills .  Bring your tin in and we will gladly fill it with our delicious teas.  You get a 5% discount and we save 15 cents in packaging.  We all win because its one less thing going into a landfill.
You help too.  By drinking loose teas, you avoid
  • K Cups (where do they go?)  
  • Plastic containers.  Think about all the drink containers you don't use.  

Loose tea drinkers create less waste

If you have any ideas, drop a comment.
Robert O'Brien
Robert O'Brien

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