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An accident with free tea samples

by Robert O'Brien November 30, 2014

Recently, we updated our Jasmine Dragon Pearls product page to include a free sample.  We thought our tea was so good, we would give you a free sample to prove it.  While this seemed to be a good idea at the time, it really back fired on us.  Somehow this free tea sample became viral (reddit/free) and we found ourselves with 350 orders for this free sample. This free sample was meant for customers shopping with us and was never meant to be an open give away.  In hind sight, we should have put a simple disclosure like "free with any purchase on our website". Ouch.  Lesson learned.

But now what do we do?

We mulled over the idea of not sending out the free samples, but we decided we better own our mistake.   If you were one of the "lucky" ones, please give us 7 to 10 days to process your order.  We now must make the sample portions, pack and ship them out.  We hope you understand our situation, especially during this busy season with our limited staffing.

When you get the delicious tea, we hope that you enjoy the free samples.  And in the spirit of the receiving, we ask that you would do one of the following things. 


Would you?

Like us on FaceBook

Write an honest review of this tea on our product page.

Write a review about us on Google

Tell you friends about us


And if you are totally overcome by gratitude, please order some tea from us.




Happy Holidays

Robert OBrien

Good Life Tea.

Robert O'Brien
Robert O'Brien

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