Learn how the English stole tea from China and called it Assam and Darjeeling.

by Robert O'Brien July 10, 2014 1 min read

Centuries ago, the Chinese had a monopoly on Tea.  It was a  very profitable national trade secret.  The English bought lots of tea which made them poorer because tea was very expensive.  So they English decided to steel tea from the Chinese.  This is the story about the largest authorized industrial espionage ever perpetrated on a county.  Learn how a real life Indiana Jones character entered into forbidden China and smuggled tea seeds and plants out of the country and spied on tea processing to learn how to turn leaf into tea.  
This fascinating story also tells how tea helped fuel England into a superpower. Fact - tea improved health by boiling water which was full of disease. Fact - Tea sobered you up by replacing beer the safer alternative to water but made you drunk and unproductive. Fat -Tea energized you with sugar (think - 5 hour energy drink.).
Conclusion - Tea made the English healthy, sober and energized and the English built the Empire.  All due to tea.
Also read how opium was traded for tea and a war was fought over it. 
Its a totally fascinating book even if you are English because they don't teach this history at Oxford.

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