Community Activities

by Robert O'Brien March 21, 2014 2 min read

Since we opened our doors in the fall, it has been our goal to spread the word about tea. Since we work with a limited marketing budget, we have taken a more practical approach which brings tea directly to the customers. For example, we have put 3 liter air pot thermoses with cups around town for people to try. We have put them at Wood Library, the YMCA, various spas, and gyms.  People love getting a free cup of tea, especially something they have never tried and were always curious about.  We love doing this because it not only gives people a nice cup but also helps with our sales.  Its really satisfying to hear someone come in to our store and tell us that they have never really tasted tea so good.  We are winning customers one at a time.


We also love to spread the Tea Joy by helping the various community organizations with their fund raising events. Last Sunday, the Kiwanis had a fund raiser and we brought them 4 big pots of tea to their popular Chefs' Challenge event. The tea was a big hit and the event was a success.

This weekend the Gleener's Kitchen which provides free lunches to the needy is having a Walk for the Hungry Among Us event. I readily accepted their invite to help out.  I will provide tea for the walkers,  If its a cold day it will be a hot teas, if its a warm day, I will make some refreshing ice teas. Its western NY, so you cant really tell what the weather is going to be.

I just checked my calender and I think I have the next 8 weekend booked with various community projects getting hot or cold tea. 

I'm happy that I am able to spread a little tea happiness around. I believe what goes around comes around.