What is the best tea for your health? Hint - Its not what you think.

by Robert O'Brien January 27, 2014 2 min read

We get asked this question all the time.  

Is the best tea?
    1. Green Tea
    2. Oolong Tea
    3. Rooibos Tea
    4. Any tea          

With all the news now about how tea is good for everything from weight loss to hypertension. Its so confusing to sort through all the info.  My answer is quite simple. Its actually a question. (yes a question.)

I ask, "What are not going to drink, if you drink tea?"  If your answer is soda, coffee, energy drink, juice, Gatorade alcohol or even bottled water, then my answer is always - "Any Tea you like and will drink everyday."

My reason is that any one of those other drinks is not as good as tea and by NOT drinking those and drinking tea instead you are better off. Tea is a well balanced drink offering a small dose of caffeine while also giving you a rare amino acid called L-Theanine. The caffeine gives you a boost and the L-Theanine allows the brain to focus. Energy and focus is a great combination. 

Now lets focus on what you are not taking in - which is the real good you are doing for yourself.  You are not putting in unhealthy artificial sweeteners, excessive caffeine, or a depressant (alcohol)  or sugar.  By reducing your intake of these liquids you are doing yourself the biggest favor.  Replacing those not so healthy liquids with tea is great habit. 

So don't worry about which tea to drink.  Find a tea you like and start drinking it. We have over 80 teas to choose from and I'm sure there is at least one that you will love.

And don't forget we include 3 free samples with every order.  Its a risk free way to try something new.

Oh By The Way the answer is 4. Any Tea. If you have read this far and get my message, you will get a free sample of 3 teas.  Just email me and we will send you via US mail your free samples.  No purchase necessary.


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