The excitement continues

by Susannah Bellanca January 14, 2014 2 min read

We, at Good Life Tea, are grateful to everyone who is spreading the word about our special little Tea Shop located in the heart of Canandaigua, NY.  We have received so much wonderful support from this great community!  We couldn't ask for nicer customers and new friends.  

The saying is true... "Good things come to those who wait".  Those seven words carry much within its simple phrase.
With a dream coming true, we have so much to offer the tea connoisseur in your life.  
Whether it is you or a loved one, we have a lively variety of teas with their own distinct and delicious flavors.  
What started out as a daydream turned itself into a great reality filled with some of the most fragrant, most mouth watering and compelling tastes to choose from.  

With choices such as the ever healthy Rooibos herbals to our distinct chocolate dessert teas, beautiful Oolong teas to fluffy and flavorful White teas. The grand array of teas is diverse and palate pleasing. We continue on with the infamous Earl Greys along with English Breakfast and Decafs, and my all time favorite, the smoky teas... such as Lapsang Souchong Butterfly #2 and Keeman Panda.  We ensure you have a wide variety to choose from.  If you can't find it, we can!  

Yes, this dream is turning into a beautiful reality and no wonder.  For tea sells itself with all its benefits and flavors.  I know a tea must be good when I see a hard working construction man enter in, or a young student still in middle school start talking the many types of teas and what they like most about them. Impressive!  Tea seems to grab and take its subtle hold on the individual.  So what can we conclude from this ancient drink?  We can conclude that the ancients knew something and we are lucky to follow in their footsteps.  For health, longevity and guilt free drinking come in the many forms of teas herbs and tisanes offered at our shop.

Pinch me, I must still be dreaming and I don't want to wake up!!!

And before I forget, with the holiday season come and gone, we find ourselves busy with our sale items.  From glass insulated tumblers to our popular 'Tea in A Tin  one ounce Free'  special (Regularly $13.50, now $9.99), we are busy busy busy preparing these great sale items just for you!  As we grow, we will keep you updated on the newest and latest sales, gift ideas and tea flavors to choose from.  And don't forget, if you bring in your tin or purchase a tin from us, you will get 5% off tea purchased

Take a sip with us and journey into the amazing world of teas.  May your journey be fruitful and delicious!  We wish you a happy and healthy new year.

Susannah at Good Life Tea