In Store Samples

by Robert O'Brien December 16, 2013 1 min read

Everyday, we make 5 samples for you to try. SInce Hot Cinnamon Spice is sooo popular, we make that sample everyday (or until you get tired of it.) We vary our samples to give a chance to try all kinds of teas.

Today we sampled Organic Cranberry/Apple, Indian Spice Chai, C of Tranquility (our house blend) and another favorite Kyoto Cherry Rose  (a flowery sencha style tea). Today we served the Kyoto Cherry Rose and Indian Spice Chai hot and the Organic Cranberry/Apple and the C of Tranquility as cold teas.

These sample are always changing so you never know what you will be able to sample.  If you have any special requests for samples, comment and I will try to fill your request. Our goal is to get you to try something different with no risk.  Drop in a try a sample and maybe you will find your new favorite.  No purchase necessary.