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Using Tea as a Meat Rub!

Post by  Katie Panara Jun 22, 2022

Good morning, tea friends! Have you been able to stay cool this week with these heat advisories we have been receiving? I hope you have been sipping some iced tea and found ways to avoid the sweltering temperatures! One way in particular to do so proves...

Teas for Each Birthstone!

Post by  Katie Panara Jun 20, 2022

Good morning, tea gems! I come to you hoping that you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to stay warm as it was a little chilly for the season here! I'm not sure about you, but lately I have been having a lot...

Mixology: How do you mix your teas?

Post by  Katie Panara Jun 15, 2022

Good morning, teasters! How has your week been? Have you gotten "mixed up" in anything exciting or fun? We certainly hope that you did! In keeping with the "mixed up" theme, this blog post is dedicated to different teas that we mix ourselves for you here,...

Happy National Iced Tea Month!

Post by  Katie Panara Jun 09, 2022

Hello friends! Temperatures are really starting to heat up! Am I right? I'm not sure how you are all staying cool, but for me, iced tea has been the real MVP. What's even better, and fitting, is it that June is National Iced Tea Month! Who...

Oolong Teas!

Post by  Katie Panara Jun 01, 2022

Good morning, tea friends! We hope that you are all having a wonderfully productive week and are ready for the upcoming weekend. In our weekly meeting a few weeks ago, we came to the realization that it's been "oo-long" since we've talked about oolong teas!...

Tea for Dads!

Post by  Katie Panara May 30, 2022

Good morning, tea drinkers! We have been so thrilled with the weather we were blessed with for Memorial Day weekend and finally feel the onset of those summer temperatures moving in. What's another signal that summer is in full swing? For me, it has always been...

Spice up your Memorial Day Weekend!

Post by  Katie Panara May 26, 2022

Happy Memorial Day weekend, tea friends! First and foremost, we at Good Life Tea, would like to extend a very appreciative "thank you" to all those who have served our country. We are ever grateful for your continuous sacrifices in order to protect us and our...

What is the best way to store your tea?

Post by  Katie Panara May 24, 2022

Good morning, tea sippers! I hope you have had the chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we have been blessed with this week! Today, I will be discussing with you a question that we often run into here at the tea shop. That...

Celebrate Armed Forces Day with Good Life Tea!

Post by  Katie Panara May 19, 2022

Good morning, tea sippers! Today I come to you to remind you of a very important upcoming day in the United States. This upcoming Saturday, May 22nd, is National Armed Forces Day. It is a day in which we honor and celebrate those who have...

Tea for the Teachers!

Post by  Katie Panara May 17, 2022

Good morning, friends! I'm coming to you hoping that you are having a wonderful start to the week, have been able to avoid any rain showers that you may have encountered, and continue to have a productive week ahead. Today I wanted to take the time...