The World is Weird; Tea helps.

Post by  Katie Panara Jan 20, 2022

Hello, fellow tea aficionados! How are you on this fine morning? As I was going about my morning routine today, I got to thinking about how truly weird our world has become.  I was thinking about how normal it has become to see everyone around...

Sip with Sentiment!

Post by  Katie Panara Jan 18, 2022
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Good morning, tea savants! I am coming to you this morning hoping that you all had a wonderfully  productive weekend, and that you were able to stay warm! I have been monitoring the temperatures in New York while I've been away and I hope that you...

Calming Teas

Post by  Katie Panara Jan 13, 2022

Good morning, sweet tea sippers. I hope that you all are having a lovely week. Moreover, I hope that you are having a calm, stress-free, peaceful week. If you have been a regular reader of the blog, you know that I am in Puerto Rico...

Tea from Puerto Rico!

Post by  Katie Panara Jan 11, 2022

Hola, amigas y amigos de Good Life Tea! Are you asking yourself right now, "Why is Kaytea speaking to us in Spanish?"? If so, it is because I am leaving in less than a week, with my boyfriend, for a trip to Puerto Rico! We...

Teas to help with feeling sick!

Post by  Katie Panara Jan 04, 2022

Good morning and a very happy New Year, sweet tea friends! We hope that you all had a wonderful and safe holiday season with your family and are already crushing 2022! Unfortunately, we have been hearing from many of our lovely customers that either they,...

Teas to ring in 2022!

Post by  Katie Panara Dec 30, 2021

Good morning, tea friends! We are so close to ringing in 2022! To celebrate, in this blog post, I'll be detailing a few teas for you that we here at the shop think would be perfect to cheers with at midnight!  To begin, I know that...

Why Tea is the Perfect Gift for Anyone on Your List

Post by  Katie Panara Dec 08, 2021

Good morning, tea friends! I hope that your week is going a bit better than mine, as this week has been stressful in the way that I still have a few people lingering on my Christmas list that I just can't seem to find the right...

Teas for the finals push!

Post by  Katie Panara Nov 29, 2021

Good morning, sippers! We hope that you had a wonderful weekend celebrating gratitude with your families and were able to make it to and from your destinations safely! Due to many of my cousins still being college students, prior to the turkey being served, I noticed...

Holiday Travel with Tea!

Post by  Katie Panara Nov 22, 2021

Good morning, tea friends! How many of your are traveling this upcoming Thursday to be with your loved ones for Thanksgiving? Moreover, how many of you will be traveling this upcoming month for the holiday season? I suspect quite a few. To ensure that you...

Lavender Tea Isn't Just For Your Cup!

Post by  Katie Panara Nov 08, 2021

Good morning, tea friends! Today we come to you with the idea that some of our teas aren't just for your cup!  Yes, you read that right! We have recently been exploring the idea of using our teas for more than just drinking. Of course,...